Brian Grainger

Real Name:Brian Grainger

Brian Grainger was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 1983, and since 1997 he has amassed hundreds of recordings under various monikers and in collaboration with others. His most prominent projects have been Milieu, Coppice Halifax and works produced simply as Brian Grainger. In 2004 he began a small mailing list that eventually grew into the Milieu Music mailorder label that he maintains today. In 2006 he found a business partner and collaborator in David Tagg and the two founded Second Sun Recordings together. During this time Brian also assisted David with his already established Expanding Electronic Diversity label, until operations were moved to the newer Install imprint in 2007 and by 2009, EED closed its doors. Today Brian continues to release a steady stream of his own works via Milieu Music and coordinates both SSR and Install with David Tagg. He currently resides in Columbia, SC with his wife Sophia and their pets. , Bandcamp , X , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:AQV, Bike (2), Coppice Halifax, DJ Brian Damage, Dorian Albatross, Milieu, Parallax (6), Phe_, Pink Space, Teenager, Telekomm, The Analog Botanist, TMA3, Tom Rimshot, Troth, Vhom
In Groups:A Night On Mars, Black Skies, Extra (30), Facebiscuit, Flax Harmonade, Free Festival, Occur, OCR, POOLSIDE RAIL BUS, Scant Orbit, SEAS, VCV, Viking Destroyer, Waterstrider
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