Bob Pfeifer

Real Name:
Robert Joseph Pfeifer
Bob Pfeifer had a short-lived career as a musician, but is most known for his roles within the record industry.

He started in A&R at Epic (he was instrumental in bringing Alice Cooper (2) to the label). He later became the president of Disney's Hollywood Records. However, that was short-lived as he moved on to head an Internet Music company.

Pfeifer made headlines when he was accused of sexual harassment by a female employee of Hollywood. He had her phone illegally bugged by notorious private investigator Anthony Pelicano. When Pelicano's illegal activities were discovered in 2006, Pfeifer was arrested also (along with six other clients). This effectively ended his involvement in the music industry.

Not to be confused with Rob Pfeifer, a musician/producer who works with his brother Jeff OR Rob Pfeiffer the rock/hardcore drummer.
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Bob Pfeifer - After Words album art Bob Pfeifer After Words (Album) Passport Records, Jem Records US 1987 Sell This Version