StoneBridge as reviewed by Richard_23

April 3, 2010
I know very little about Stonebridge or Stoney Music or how much of the end result on Stonebridge albums are due to Hallström's handiwork and how much is due to those he collaberates with (he produces tracks with a lot of different artists), but my ear detects the telltale signs of a perfectionist, an obsessive production team and/or a technically gifted producer. Then again maybe this is just some guy who can consistently churn out product like this in his sleep.

I don't really sweat the details much though. Having clocked many hours spinning records, trying to pull off the perfect transition for a mixtape or whatever, I can appreciate tracks produced with club mixing in mind. While there's not much in the way of groundbreaking material here and some may get the impression that they're hearing different mixdowns of material sourced from the same sources -- remixes of the same basic track, formula, robot music, production as a science, babbling in a review without coherence.... Where was I?

Something similar happens to my thought process when one of Stonebridge's slick productions is playing....

Yeah, there is definitely a bit of sameness to Stonebridge's productions, but when it sounds so good, the music just moves you, boiled down to its essence, it's just dance music. But damn, this ear candy I like. You'll be able to know pretty quickly if Stonebridge is your bag or not by sampling the music he pumps out on his website. Hits or misses, frankly I can't tell the difference. I'll have another, please.

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July 18, 2011
Hi Richard 23, sorry for the late reply.

I can assure you that I'm one person and I have done all these mixes myself. There was a period between 1993 and 1997 when I worked with a co-producer called Nick Nice and we did some mixes together, but the rest is my work and I can also assure you that I'm no robot, but love my job with passion.