Eric Peachey


UK drummer, born January 26th 1947.
Eric Peachey started playing music around 1963-64 in local R'n'B and soul bands. In those bands, he met and became friend with Dick Heninghem and Nick Greenwood.
He joined Doctor K’s Blues Band in 1967, which he left around 1969-70, for divergence on the musical style. Then he reunited with his friends Greenwood and Heninghem for Greenwood's album 'Cold Cuts', recorded in 1970. When Greenwood was recruited by Steve Hillage for his band Khan in 1971, he suggested to bring in his friend Eric Peachey.
Peachey was (with Hillage) the only permanent member with Khan during all its existence. After the band folded in 1972, not much was heard from Eric Peachey, although he continued to play music, notably in Jon Owen's band, but didn't record anything.

In Groups:Khan (3), Dr. K's Blues Band
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