Another underrated french band, at least so cursed as Taxi girl.
Their music, a mix between Stranglers and Marquis De Sade, in a personal manner (with french singing vocals), was instinctive, rough and thoroughbred.

They began as many french new wave bands, (with plenty of difficulties to be heard from the audience and fights of the audience during gigs, Sham 69 syndrom) but the story was a bit different, they did early sign with a major (CBS) for 3 LPs.

The fairytale turned quickly to nightmare : although WC3 proposed something new in the french rock land, with a powerfull production, the records didn't sale enough, so CBS decided not to promote the band.

WC3 was trapped, it was impossible to leave CBS to be driven by another label that would invest more in promotion. The band recorded distressfully the 3 records (a first 6 tracks mini LP + 2 LPS), and Janine, keyboardist and guitarist, did commit a suicide. Standing K.O., WC3 disbanded. Such a waste !

WC3 Discography


CBS 121037 WC3 Poupée Be.Bop(12", MiniAlbum, TP) CBS CBS 121037 France 1981 Sell This Version
WC3 Moderne Musique (Album) CBS Netherlands 1982 Sell This Version
WC3 La Machine Infernale (Album) CBS France 1984 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

WC3 Captain'valium (Single) CBS France 1981 Sell This Version
WC3 Poupée Be.Bop (Maxi, Single) CBS, CBS, CBS France 1981 Sell This Version
CBS A 2938 WC3 (A Trois Dans Les WC)* Derniers Baisers Du Vautour(7", Single) CBS CBS A 2938 France 1982 Sell This Version
CBS A 4182 WC3 Cadillac(7", Single) CBS CBS A 4182 France 1984 Sell This Version


WC3 A 3 Dans Les WC (Comp) CBS, CBS Europe 1989 Sell This Version

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