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F 12694 Felius Andromeda Meditations / Cheadle Heath's Delusions(7", Single) Decca F 12694 UK 1967 Sell This Version
Andromeda* After The Storm (Single) Cactus UK 1972 Sell This Version


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September 14, 2012
The Felius Andromeda Story
Lifted from Pete Parks blog [17th July 2007]
Felius Andromeda was formed from a North-west London blues band called Morgan`s Roots in 1967, that was working the London "scene" , playing progressive blues . I joined bass player Alan Morgan , drummer Mick Richardson and vocalist Denny Harper , and we rehearsed in the parlour of Mick`s parents house in Kingsbury. Mick`s Mum , Doris and the neighbours must have been very understanding because I don`t remember us getting any complaints . Pretty soon we were gigging , but transport was always a problem . Mick managed to get hold of an old Vauxhall Wyvern with all the passenger seats removed and Morgan would sit on the floor with the bass drum on his lap , with the rest of the gear piled around him. Denny and I would follow on my Lambretta, trying not to lose them. The trail of smoke left by the Vauxhall helped and we never failed to complete a gig .
One day , completely out of the blue , Morgan announced that we were going to change our image and back-comb our hair , wear kaftans , study yoga and call each other " Man " a lot more than we had been doing up to that point. He didn`t mention anything about actually changing the act , but we were young and enthusiastic and whole-heartedly went along with the idea because , basically, it sounded like fun.
The first gig was in Chatham and the response from the service personnel we were playing to was amazing . They raided local gardens ang pelted us with flowers and I remember thinking at the time , " We could be on to something here " . Very soon , we had a recording test at Maximum Sound Studios in the Old Kent Road and we duly arrived , not really knowing what to expect. It was my first time in a studio but Vic Keary , the owner and engineer , was very nice and he introduced us to Pam Barry , who had written some lyrics and asked us to put them to music.We gathered round an amplifier , put the lyrics on the top , plugged in the guitar and about an hour later , had " Meditations " finished .
We then laid down the back-track under the subtle guidance of Vic Keary and completed the first of many Visits to Maximum Sound Studios . A lot of the production ideas were Vic`s and when he decided to put an organ on to it , it couldn`t just be any organ . It had to be the one in St. Gabriel`s church in Willesden Green. We carted the recording machine from South London and Dennis Couldry laid down the chords and became the fifth member .

We had lost Denny Harper on the way and the vocal was provided by Bill Haines , a singer on Vic`s books, who came from Gloucester and was the most experienced performer of us all . Lastly , the violin part was played by an elderly gentleman who was retired from one of the premier London orchestras. He wrote his part on manuscript and the final part of the song required some explanation. " Freak out? ", he asked , " You want me to freak out? . What`s that?" We explained that we wanted a really wild, improvised violin solo over the fade-out. He thought about it for a moment and then dutifully wrote " Freak Out " on his manuscript. Of course , he was stringing us along and knew all the time what we wanted . He was a character and a gent and I wish I knew his name . " Meditations " was released on Decca and , though not an immediate success , no Brit-Psych compilation since seems complete without Felius Andromeda on it .

In 1968 the band drifted apart . We did some sessions for Vic ( Flower Power Fred with Harry H. Corbett ) as The Unidentified Flower Objects , but the moment had gone and we all had our own directions and ambitions to pursue . We learned a lot from Vic Keary , a most patient and skilled engineer and producer .

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