Dolly Style


Dolly Style was created in 2014 by the song-writing team Emma Nors and Palle Hammarlund, who had worked with the original line-up in previous project.

The characters in the band have been "played" by a revolving cast with frequent line-up changes.
Molly is pink, Holly is blue and Polly is purple.

Current line up:
Holly (Vilma Davidsson)
Polly (Caroline Aronsson)
Molly (Annie Moreau)
Yolly (Mikaela Samuelsson)

Original line up:
Carolina Magnell (Molly)
Alexandra Salomonsson (Holly)
Emma Pucek (Polly)

Other past members:
Polly (Marielle Myhrberg)
Polly (Sarah von Reis)
Molly (Mikaela Samuelsson)
Molly (Linnéa Källström) , Facebook , X , Instagram , YouTube , Wikipedia
Members:Alexandra Salomonsson, Emma Nors, Linnéa Källström, Mikaela Samuelsson, Palle Hammarlund, Sarah von Reis


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