Michael MacNeil

Real Name:Michael MacNeil

Scottish composer and keyboardist, born 20 July 1958, Isle of Barra, Scotland.
Keyboard player with Simple Minds from 1978 to 1990. he later formed the group "XSM" (Ex Simple Minds) along with Derek Forbes and Brian McGee. He also formed another band with Derek Forbes, Ian Henderson and Bruce Watson (Big Country) called Four Good Men. He released his own solo album on his own label in 1997 called "People, Places, Things".

Note: It is a common mistake that he is listed as a member of Johnny and The Self Abusers when infact it was a different person with a similiar surname. Alan McNeil is the credit on the Johnny and The Self Abusers record, a guitar player.

In Groups:FourGoodMen, Rehab (3), Simple Minds, Owen Paul & Friends
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