DVS (16)

DVS (16)

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DVS is a true techno fiend who needs no introduction within the electronic music scene locally or internationally. Alongside a passionate and solid crew he is the ringleader behind the Tekno Mulisha parties. DVS’s passion for all thing’s techno began by frequenting Melbourne cult like events of the 90’s such as Earthcore, Hardware, Every Picture Tells a Story, and Teriaki Anarki Saki to name a few. But it wasn’t until he stumbled across Virus that his passion for electronic music was truly ignited. Virus embodied a combination of his love for techno, punk rock, skateboarding and underground culture in it’s entirety.

With his own signature sound of ‘punked out’ techno DVS has impressed not only techno crews, but electronic music enthusiasts globally for over a decade playing at countless events across Australia and venturing over to Europe playing alongside some of techno’s finest at SUF’s ‘London Largin It’, and London’s infamous ‘Club 414’. DVS also plays under another alias with Tekno Mulisha partner in crime Syndrome who have combined their love of techno to develop Digital Whax, infusing Syndrome’s live experience along with DVS dynamic Dj sets, which has set dance floors alight across Australia over the past couple of years.

With recent collaborations alongside renowned techno artists D.A.V.E the Drummer, Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss, DDR and The Geezer, along with forthcoming releases and establishment of the soon to be launched Tekno Mulisha Record label, DVS is an artist to watch out for.


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Sterling Moss & DVS (16) / Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss With DVS (16) Sterling Moss & DVS (16) / Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss With DVS (16) - Techno Punks / Down Underground (Maxi) Rebeltek Netherlands 2016 Sell This Version