Kaka Hathrasi

Kaka Hathrasi

Real Name:
Prabhu Lal Garg
Kaka Hathrasi (Humorist)
Kaka Hathrasi was a noted Hindi satirist and humorist poet of India. His real name was Prabhu Lal Garg. He wrote under the pen name Kaka Hathrasi. He chose "Kaka", as he played the character in a play which made him popular, and "Hathrasi" after the name of his hometown Hathras. He has 42 works to his credit, comprising a collection of humorous and satirical poems, prose and plays published by various publishers. He also wrote three books on Indian classical music under the pen name "Vasant". In 1932, he established Sangeet Karyalaya, a noted publishing house for the books on Indian classical music and dance and started publishing a monthly magazine Sangeet in 1935, which earned a high reputation. Sangeet is the only periodical on Indian classical music and dance which has been continuously published for over 78 years. Kaka Hathrasi had many talents – as a writer, poet, musician, musicologist, actor and a fine painter.. He was a regular performer of Hindi Kavi Sammelan. In fact, he was one of the poets who established Hasya Kavi on Kavi Sammelan stage.


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7EPE. 4066 Kaka Hathrasi काका हाथरसी(7", EP) His Master's Voice 7EPE. 4066 India 1974 Sell This Version