Brian Ingoldsby

Real Name:Brian David Ingoldsby

(1939-2005) American producer, recording and mastering engineer for over 40 years. His lacquer cutting signature in the vinyl runouts is often his initials BDI.

Ingoldsby worked at MCA Records when he was asked to serve as President of the American Broadcasting Company's (ABC) Recording Studios Division until 1979. In 1972 Ingoldsby founded Sound Master Recording Engineer School [now Pinnacle College] to train students in the science and art of audio engineering. He designed and built his own studio in North Hollywood, California - subsequently purchased by Warner Brothers. Elton John, Mick Jagger, Cher, Olivia Newton-John, Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Al Kooper, Frank Zappa and Joe Cocker are just some of the artists that helped earn Ingoldsby gold and platinum records. He also toured the nation and abroad with some of these artists, mixing their live concerts in stadiums, halls, colleges and night clubs.

Much a pioneer, Ingoldsby invented and patented many audio units for the recording industry. His Phasing and Doubling devices are famous and widely used. He also contributed to many industry journal articles, lectured at colleges across the nation and was an honorary member of the prestigious Audio Engineering Society.

He passed away in January 2005, following complications from a liver transplant.

Engineer at Sunset Sound

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