The Wrecking Crew (6)


The Wrecking Crew (sometimes called the Clique or the First Call Gang, occasionally credited as The Phil Spector Wall Of Sound Orchestra) was a loose-knit circle of Los Angeles' top studio session musicians whose services were constantly in demand during their heyday in the 1960s and early 1970s.

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Aliases:The Bonnets, The Constant Sound, The Phil Spector Wall Of Sound Orchestra, The Zeniths (2)
Members:Al Casey (2), Al De Lory, Alan Estes, Ambrose Russo, Anne Goodman, Anthony Zungolo, Armand Kaproff, Arnold Belnick, Art Maebe, Assa Drori, Bernard Kundell, Bill Pitman, Billy Strange, Bob Enevoldsen, Buddy Emmons, Carl LaMagna, Carol Kaye, Champ Webb, Charles Findley, Chuck Berghofer
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