Relinquished started in the year 2004 as a project of Sebastian Bramböck (Bass) and Anton Keuschnick (Guitar). After some months of arranging Martin Bramböck joined the Band and played the drums for 2 years. In this time, a second guitar-player named Simon Dettendorfer became member of the band and added different ideas that perfectly fitted in the sound.

Four years and several Bass players later Relinquished finally found the perfect members. Sebastian the former Bass-player became the new and final singer of the band, and an old schoolmate of him, Patrick Kösselbacher took the bass-part. Also on the drums another new member was found: Florian Vonach. This constellation of musicians grew a complete new sound arrangement in short time and recorded the Demo EP “Rehearsal Doom”.
With the CD the band started to get more and more offers to play all over Austria and some foreign cities as well. After collecting a huge amount of live experience, they settled a bit down and began the work for their first Long-player.
In that time Relinquished got signed by Noisehead Records, and recorded “Susanna Lies In Ashes”, their first Concept-Album and debut at the same time.
Videos for "Padded Cell" and "In Ashes" followed and became pretty appreciated by those who heard, and opened the doors for the follow-up record "Onward Anguishes".
With the complete same team of "Susanna", except a new Cast on the Bass which still is the current Ex-Inzest-member Dominik Steffan.
The band didn ́t want "Susanna ́s" shadow lingering around and defined the sound and stile once more.

"A new chapter about a whole a new protagonist...of corse it sounds different"
Onward Anguishes was also debuting the second Vocals by Guitarrist Simon Dettendorfer. With the more aspects and elements, their sound once more developed and evolved.
After touring and 2 Web-only Musicvideos for "Sinister Dreams" and "Passion" the band started to write and record the 3rd and most dark and depressive piece "Addictivities"
Prior, major changes in the band ist he joining of new drummer Richard Marx and the signing with their new Label NRT-Records, this showed once more that nothing can be foreseen if it ́s what we can expect from their steadily changing and growing sound.
The remaining 4 members Bramböck, Keuschnick, Dettendorfer and Steffan, returned with their blackest melodies and created their own idea of a chapter as dark as can be. All Relinquished releases are typical concept Albums, who tell a closed story.
On december the 9. 2016, NRT-Records releases the single Sinister Dreams as a little taste of things to come. The third chapter „Addictivities (Part 1)“ will be released in 2017 and shows the Band from their forceful side



Relinquished - Susanna Lies in Ashes album art Relinquished Susanna Lies in Ashes Noise Head Records, Noise Head Records 2010 Sell This Version
Relinquished - Onward Anguishes album art Relinquished Onward Anguishes (Album) Noisehead Records Austria 2012 Sell This Version
NRT-0043 Relinquished - Addictivities (Part I.) album art Relinquished Addictivities (Part I.)(CD, Album) NRT-Records NRT-0043 Germany 2019 Sell This Version

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NRT-0020 Relinquished - Sinister Dreams album art Relinquished Sinister Dreams(File, AAC, Single) NRT-Records NRT-0020 Germany, Austria, & Switzerland 2016

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