Passenger Of Shit

Real Name:Swift Treweeke

Swift Treweeke (born November 20, 1979 in Katoomba, NSW Australia) is the owner of Shitwank Records and BUTCHERS HAREM PRODUCTIONS, visual artist and producer of extreme speedcore, breakcore, and other electronic music styles. Currently based in The Blue Mountains, Australia. Best known for his intense speedcore as Passenger Of Shit, and production and raps as MC Bushpig. Swift is also vocalist in a grindcore band named Odiusembowel and founder of now defunct Suicidal Rap Orgy collective. , , Bandcamp , , Facebook , , MySpace , MySpace , Instagram , Instagram , Soundcloud , , YouTube , Facebook , Facebook , Facebook , X
Aliases:Doodleinacacoon, Dungnob, MC Bushpig, MC Poodick, Scortch1, Stapledpenisgolum, Swift Treweeke, The Wind Chimes
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