José Padilla Sánchez

Real Name:
José Julián Padilla Sánchez
Spanish composer and arranger, known for his zarzuelas and operettas.
Born: 28th May 1889 Almería, Spain / Died: 25th October 1960 Madrid, Spain.

'Padilla' as he is often credited, trained in the Madrid Conservatory and then in Italy before embarking on assisting Ventura de la Vega with several works & 'zarzuelas'.

"La Mala Hembra" (1906), one-act 'sainetes' and 'revistas'; "Juan Miguel" and "Los Viejos Verdes" (1909), "Luzbel" (1917), together with an opera "La Faraona".

He then moved to Paris, where his 'operettes' became incorporated into works at the Moulin Rouge. Many of these pieces - such as "El Relicario", "La Violetera" (with Eduardo Montesinos) and the popular pasodoble "Valencia" - brought him international celebrity. Another of his works "My Spanish Rose" became part of Jerome Kern's score for "The Night Boat" on Broadway.

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