The Original (2)

The Original (2)

Eurodance Megamix project produced by Beat Paul and Frankie Fischer. Precursors of the "Mash-Up" formula. They released two megamixes in 1992/93:
1. "Ride Like The Wind" (by East Side Beat) Vs. "Please Don't Go" (by Double You)
2. "Before The Night" (by E.X.P. Feat. Julia (3)) Vs. "Because The Night" (by CO.RO. Feat. Taleesa).
10:52, 16/9 (2), 23 AWB, 3 Is, 7-Beat, A-Cross, A-Liste, Accubias, Aftersound, Al Parker, Alphabase, Ambush (7), Anti-Freeze, Antix (4), Art-Tech, B-Blue, Back On Broadway, Backwash (3), Basskillers, Basstation, Bloodhound, Blue (22), Brainplant, Brooklyn Tribe, Bunch (5), Capslock (4), Challenge (3), Chérie 2000, Co-Laps, Cokker, Cyclope Comp., Da Phuture (2), Darkman (5), Delirium (10), Digit, Distrakker, DJ Devo, DJ Electricflow, DJ Electroflow, DJ Fisher, DJ Jackal (2), DJ Lacklack, DJ LB (2), DJ Wave (4), Downtown (6), Dr Jumper, Dr Now, Dream Pilot, Dream Team (8), Drumhum, Electric Cafe (2), Energic Solution, Exploration, Explosive Nation, External (3), Filter Division, Flashmen (2), Formant 1, Frankies Beathouse, Gameover (2), Gigarange, Groovelab, Grounder, Groveland, Hackers (5), Hammerbanger, Handcuffed, Hardshock, Heaven (19), Hellmaster, Helpless (2), High Level 1, High Noon (3), High Voltage (7), House Convention, House Pumper, Humidity 69, Huusong, Hybrid Project, Hype (5), Iglu (4), In Progress (4), Interference (9), Kay Wang, Kick It (2), Kickker, Killercharger, Kingsize (5), Koncert, Kong (4), Le Track, Legacy (18), Lil'S Eyes, Lowair, Luna-Horns, Maandag, Made In NY, Mania (6), Maniac Of Thrill, Manu (61), Memorybank, Mexicodrum, Milky Days, Mix-Destroyer, Mixzer, Monolith (14), Moondust (7), Mr. Trash, Music (2), Musicman (3), Nightshift (14), No Way Out (2), O-Maniac, Ob-Cession, Obb Fried, Offshore (3), Orban, Outlarge, Overcharge (2), Painkiller (4), Paul And Fischer Productions, Point-3, Power People (3), Private Lessons, Pure Jam, Purplemoon, QQQ777, Queen Size, Quist, Range (5), Ray (9), Remember, Rework (2), RJ 52, Roadwarrior, Ruffriding, Run Deep, Sadomen, Science (9), Sean Alexander D., Silvercloud, Snagger, So What!, Solo Tee, Sonicdope, Space Saver, Stik, Storybook, Strike Force (7), Strip-T's, Suburban Base, Sukker, Summerlake, Sunshine III, Superfighter, Superhipe, Supertrue, Synchro 5, Tabatha, Tchakup, Technical Offence, Technix, Technoline (2), Technomaster, Techtool, Terrorflag, TGV (6), The Element (4), The Kick (5), The Numerics, The Raingame, The Ripper, The Scientist (4), The Scratcher, The Sliders, The Spy (2), Time Tourist, Tools (2), Trance Inc., Trancekid, Transact, Transrapid, Trauma (4), Tri-Phase, Ugly Cut, Ultimate Ride, Underliner, Upbeat (2), Upstairs (3), Valos, Value 99, Veronica (3), Vesuvio, Virginity (2), Virtuality (5), Watersmoke, Webrider, Westpoint (2), Worldwide System, X-Name, Y 2K, Zodiac (24)

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The Original (2) Megamix - Ride Like The Wind / Please Don't Go (Single) Panic Records France 1992 Sell This Version
The Original (2) Megamix vol. 2 - Before The Night / Because The Night (Maxi, Single) Panic Records France 1993 Sell This Version

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