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Tom Dyer is a Pacific Northwest native, a generally noisy one. He has released 13 albums since 2009. He currently plays with Tom Dyer And The True Olympians. Dyer has been recording and releasing music in two centuries. His first recordings were made in the early 80’s with the Adults/Colorplates, an art/punk foursome. These tracks remained unreleased until 2013. His first actual releases were in 1983 when he began his label, Green Monkey Records, a Seattle Underground Rock and whatnot label, since moved to Olympia, WA in 2016. From the earliest days of the label, Dyer exhibited a refusal to take himself too seriously. Irreverent and incorrigible, he also believed in the purity of his art and wished to rock like the devil himself. Looking at his body of recorded material over the ensuing thirty years, the basic blueprint was clearly here – it's all over the place stylistically, but there is a certain level of both implied and explicit dissonance. The first iteration of his label ran through 1991, with 40 plus releases, the most notable being by the Green Pajamas.
In 2009, Dyer revived Green Monkey and started releasing music again with another 60 or so albums on the label since.

In Groups:Me Three, The Colorplates, The Green Monkey Christmas Chorale, Tom & Kat, Tom Dyer & His Queen's Pajamas, The Icons (9), Tom Dyer And The True Olympians, Tom Dyer's New Pagan Gods
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