Richard D. James

Real Name:Richard David James

British artist, DJ, producer, technician, and musician.

Born: 18 August 1971 in Limerick, Ireland. Hailing from Cornwall, England, he is one of the most prolific and experimental producers of his generation, often cited as a founder of so-called IDM dance music, and a pioneer of electronic music production technique. Well known as co-owner of eclectic dance music label Rephlex.

Allegedly, his son also produces music, released as files tagged with the name "AFX Jnr".

Unlisted releases:
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Aliases:Aphex Twin, Blue Calx (2), Bradley Strider, Brian Tregaskin, Caustic Window, GAK, Karen Tregaskin, Phonic Boy On Dope, Polygon Window, Power-Pill, Q-Chastic, Ricardo Jamiro, Rutchkfard Games, Smojphace, Soit - P.P., The Dice Man, The Tuss, user18081971, user48736353001
In Groups:Mike & Rich, Universal Indicator
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