The Sketchers (2)

The Sketchers (2)

The Sketchers are a unique band in many ways. The band, for instance, consists of seven members with an aggregate age of 221 years, which may not be entirely unique but still does not occur all that often. And how many bands you know boast a base player who is also the world potato peeling champion, a guitarist who hails from Krypton, a drummer who stubbornly keeps denying he killed Abraham Lincoln, a trumpet player who is very modest as well as the Creator of the universe, a saxophone player who doesn't look a bit like Celine Dion, a trombone player whose total a- frygmasticity is a source of jealousy to many, and a singer (aka 'the Abominable Showman') who invented black yarn without any help from his dad? Not a lot, I would imagine. But the most stunningly unique factor of the Sketchers is probably the word that can be formed by putting the first letters of their first names together. That word is...PLELAPL!! You try finding that anywhere else these days! The Sketchers play ska with punk influences. If you take into account that the most bands by far play completely different stuff, like Acid Jazz or Gospel Metal, you will agree: The Sketchers are a unique band.

Sketchers songs are composed using specially selected chords and only the best words in the English language. Test have proven it: Sketchers songs are up to 73% more sparkling than other songs. If you say ska, you say Sketchers.
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