Noize Draft

Noize Draft

Russian Drum'n'Bass band.
Members: Alex Pusher (head of Noize Draft, keyboards, sampling, programing), Salamandra (vocals), B Duma (Mr. Duma) (e-guitar, guitar)

In 1999 Alex Pusher made his 1st project "Noize Draft". At this time music of Noize Draft was only electronic based, but very soon Alex understood, that his tracks should be more livish.

Alex decided to find some musicians for Noize Draft. In 2002 his project contained session musicians: MC Kama, Dmitri Lemeshev (flute) and B. Duma (guitar). Soon B. Duma have become real Noize Draft bandmember.

Tracks of Noize Draft went on next level, more deep and live. Project began to write music in styles of atmospheric and intelligent drum'n'bass. In 2004 Alex have found drum'n'bass vocalist and producer: Salamandra.

Till now her voice you can hear in tracks of Noize Draft. 2 years later Noize Draft got new idea about live instruments. In 2006 recorded some tracks with bass guitar of A. Zabrodin. Project keeping it original style in drum'n'bass till now.
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