Oriental Brothers International


The Oriental Brothers International Band of Nigeria was a popular Igbo highlife boy band from Nigeria based in Owerri for several decades, known for their powerful lyrics (whether it be of proverbs, or specials being dedicated to special people in the country of Nigeria) and deft instrumental work (whether of the lead guitar, or the conga man's professional play of the congas in their break sections of songs) with their unique style of highlife.
The original band consisted of:
- Godwin "Kabaka" Opara (rhythm guitar)
- Ferdinand "Dan-Satch" Chukwuemeka Opara (lead guitarist, bass)
- Christogonus "Dr. Sir Warrior" Ezewuiro Obinna (vocals)
- Livinus "Akwịla" Alaribe (congas, maracas)
- Fred "Ichita" Ahumaraeze (drums)
- Aloysius Anyanwu
- Charles Boumda
- Nathaniel "Mangala" Ejiogu died shortly before the band became popular in the early seventies.
The group started as Oriental Brothers International led by Godwin Kabaka Opara until 1977 when Kabaka left the band and founded Kabaka International Guitar Band.
In 1977 the Oriental Brothers were led by F. Dansatch Opara but in 1980 also leaves Sir. Warrior and two distinct bands are formed:
- Oriental Brothers International Band led by F. Dan-Satch Opara
- Sir. Warrior & his Oriental Brothers International Band.
In 1978 Ichita and Akwịla leaving next to form their own band Great Oriental Brothers International Band '78 and Aloysius Anyanwu leaving to form the States Brothers International. , Wikipedia
Members:Akwịlla (Aquila), Aloy Anyanwu, Charles Boumda, Dr. Sir Warrior, F. Dansatch Opara, F. Ichita, Godwin Kabaka Okpara




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