Real Name:Richard David James

In 2015 Aphex Twin began uploading unreleased songs of his to Soundcloud under the username user48736353001 . At some point in mid to late 2015 he changed his username to user18081971 (a reference to his birthdate of the 18th of August 1971) and continued uploading. Despite removing all his uploads at one point (and only putting back about 40 of them when he came back) he has still occasionally added new songs (even well into 2023). , Google , Soundcloud
Aliases:Aphex Twin, Blue Calx (2), Bradley Strider, Brian Tregaskin, Caustic Window, GAK, Karen Tregaskin, Phonic Boy On Dope, Polygon Window, Power-Pill, Q-Chastic, Ricardo Jamiro, Richard D. James, Rutchkfard Games, Smojphace, Soit - P.P., The Dice Man, The Tuss, user48736353001


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