The Regents (12)


Canadian band active in the 1960s. Formed in 1959 by Peter Groschel with bass player Brian Massey, and guitarist Tommy Goodings (a.k.a. Tommy Graham) on guitar. Later, Kay Taylor was added as front vocalist. This incarnation worked as house band at Al Steiner's newly opened Club Blue Note on Yonge St. in Toronto. Groschel developed some health problems that lasted about six months, which resulted in his being replaced by drummer Bob Andrews.

Around 1963, The Regents temporarily disbanded, but reformed within a year as a recording band comprised of Bob Andrews (7) (trumpet), Russ Strathdee (tenor sax), Judi Jantzen/Jenson (vocal), Duncan White (vocal), Brian White (organ), Jack Arseneault (lead guitar), Wayne Harmon (drums) and Bruce Staubitz (bass). By 1966 The Regents became a road band, known as Dunc And Judi And The Regents, with some further personnel changes.

Aliases:Dunc & The Deacons
Members:Bob Andrews (7), Duncan White, Judi Jensen, Russ Strathdee, Tommy Goodings


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