Johnny Graham

Real Name:Leo Johnny Graham

Born on August 3, 1951 in Louisville (Kentucky), Leo Johnny Graham began playing the guitar professionally at the age of 16. He played for fun at dances and social events for several years before considering it as a professional job. While at college, Johnny majored in music and developed his compositional skills to benefit his chief goal of writing. In 1973 Johnny Graham joined the group Earth, Wind & Fire. He performed with them for more than ten years as the group's lead guitarist, such as soloing on "Love's Holiday". Throughout his music career he has performed with Lalo Schifrin, Splendor, and The Temptations. In later years he joined Al McKay's L.A. All-Stars with former Earth, Wind & Fire band members Freddie White and Andrew Woolfolk. Presently, Johnny lives in Japan where he has performed with several groups including Soul Sauce. During his leisure time Johnny loves to race cars and boats. ,
In Groups:Detroit Sounds Of Friction, Earth, Wind & Fire




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