Verdena are an Italian alternative rock band originating from Albino, Bergamo. Alberto (guitarist) and Luca Ferrari (drummer) are brothers and have been playing together since their youth. With the addition of Roberta Sammarelli (bassist), they formed the band Verdena. In 1999 they broke onto the scene with their eponymous debut, and began to perform concerts all across Italy. Their first single, "Valvonauta", received significant airtime on MTV and other music stations. Their style can be described as a mixture of rock, grunge and psychedelia.

Their second album, Solo un grande sasso, exhibited longer songs with more frequent guitar solos. The most important tracks of this album are "Spaceman", "Nova", "Starless" and "Centrifuga".

In 2004, Fidel Fogaroli joined the band as a keyboardist, appearing on the album Il suicidio del samurai. In 2006, Fidel left Verdena and the band returned to its original three-piece setup. The single "Luna", originally released on Il suicidio dei Samurai, was one of the band's most notable successes.

Their following record, Requiem, was released on March 16, 2007. This album shows stoner and psychedelic influences.Wow the fifth album, was released on January 18, 2011. The double album features 27 tracks, most played with piano. The singles taken from this latest album include "Razzi Arpia Inferno e Fiamme", "Scegli Me (Un Mondo Che Tu Non Vuoi)" and "Miglioramento".

Verdena's songs are always sung in Italian, with the exception of some covers, such as ("Reverberation" by 13th Floor Elevators, "Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream), "(His Latest Flame) Marie's The Name" by Elvis Presley, "Harvest" by Neil Young and "Creepy Smell" by Melvins), as well as an original song called "Perfect Day". The meaning of the lyrics is often obscure due to the made-up language the song is sung in. Within the lyrics are references to Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and Fecal Matter (the title of "Il Suicidio Dei Samurai" is a reference of "Samurai's Suicide").

The new album is Endkadenz Vol.1 released 27 Jan 2015 and Endkadenz Vol.2 released 28 August 2015. , MySpace , , , Facebook
Members:Alberto Ferrari, Fidel Fogaroli, Luca Ferrari (2), Roberta Sammarelli
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