Roger Roger

Roger Roger

Real Name:
Roger Roger
French composer, arranger, conductor, keyboardist, producer and engineer.

Born August 5th, 1911 in Rouen, France.
Died June 12th, 1995.

Roger Roger was born on 5 August 1911 at Rouen, in France, and to satisfy a personal whim his father, Edmond Roger, really give him the first name Roger. His mother was an opera singer and his father was a well-known operatic conductor, who had been a classmate of Claude Debussy at the Paris Conservatoire, Roger has received musical education at an early age. His main instrument was the piano, but harmony and counterpoint also played an important role in his education. His first job on leaving school was teaching light opera at the Rouen Arts Theatre.
Roger Roger made his professional conducting debut at the age of eighteen in a Music Hall, but it wasn't long before radio and films beckoned. During his long career he claimed to have been involved in more than 500 film productions.
He started writing for French films towards at the end of the 30s. Firstly documentaries, then feature films. Several European radio stations employed him, especially Radio Luxembourg, Radio 37 and Europe 1; he was closely involved with the early programmes on the new French Television service.
Usually he recorded his own music in Paris. He was also required to create pieces of a more serious nature, including some heavy, repetitive tracks that could be used as accompaniment for industrial scenes in documentaries.
The Paris office of Chappells used to issue its own series of library LPs of background music, and from the mid 50s onwards Roger recorded almost 20 albums of his own compositions for them. He worked most of his life with his childhood friend, Nino Nardini. His widow, the opera singer Eva Rehfuss, remembers that Chappells agent in the USA was particularly successful in getting Roger's music used in various soap operas.
In the mid-60's, he created his own studio: Studio Ganaro.
Roger's own compositions have, at times, been compared with the American Leroy Anderson, although they never actually met. But a close collaboration, which developed into a strong friendship, grew up between Roger and Frank Chacksfield. The two worked together on BBC shows, and in a series called "Performance" for French radio. By a strange coincidence, Frank died just three days before Roger in 1995. Roger also knew Lalo Schifrin well, but it was more of a friendship than a working relationship, because they each preferred to compose on their own.
Roger Roger died in Paris on 12 June 1995 aged 83.
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Roger Roger Discography


Roger Roger Et Le "Mode Symphony" Orchestra Roger Roger Et Le "Mode Symphony" Orchestra - Tourbillon De Paris (Album) Mode Disques Canada 1962 Sell This Version
6022 Marcel Frank*, John Cacavas, Roger Roger, Max Marlin Marcel Frank*, John Cacavas, Roger Roger, Max Marlin - Mood Music(LP) Major Records (7) 6022 US 1965 Sell This Version
59 Roger Roger Untitled(LP) Major Records (7) 59 US 1966 Sell This Version
VGL 7012 Roger Roger & Le "Mode Symphony" Orchestra Roger Roger & Le "Mode Symphony" Orchestra - Light Classical Favourites(LP, Album) Disques Vogue VGL 7012 South Africa 1966 Sell This Version
Mdint 9427 Roger Roger & Le "Mode Symphony" Orchestra Roger Roger & Le "Mode Symphony" Orchestra - Musique Des Iles(LP) Mode Disques Mdint 9427 France 1966 Sell This Version
MQ/LP 32 Roger Roger / Nino Nardini Roger Roger / Nino Nardini - Jazz, Dramatic(LP) Southern Library Of Recorded Music MQ/LP 32 UK 1968 Sell This Version
CMM 221 Roger Roger Chappell Mood Music Vol. 21(LP, Mono) Chappell CMM 221 France 1969 Sell This Version
CMM 222 Roger Roger Chappell Mood Music Vol.22(LP) Chappell CMM 222 1969 Sell This Version
Roger Roger Musique Idiote Neuilly France 1970 Sell This Version
CH 111 Roger Roger Sports Plein Air(10") Neuilly CH 111 France 1970 Sell This Version
MON 18, 46517, 46.517 Roger Roger Music For Fun(LP, RE) Mondiophone, Crea Sound Ltd., Crea Sound Ltd. MON 18, 46517, 46.517 France 1971 Sell This Version
LPC 1054 Roger Roger Music By Roger Roger(LP) Chappell LPC 1054 UK 1973 Sell This Version
CAL 4010 Roger Roger Music By Roger Roger(LP) Chappell Recorded Music Library CAL 4010 UK 1974 Sell This Version
LPC 1066 Roger Roger Music By Roger Roger(LP) Chappell LPC 1066 France 1974 Sell This Version
MC 8012 Roger Roger Merry And Sad(LP) Crea Sound Ltd. MC 8012 France 1975 Sell This Version
LPC 1081 The Eric Swan Dance Band / Roger Roger The Eric Swan Dance Band / Roger Roger - Dance Music / Rags And Romance(LP) Chappell LPC 1081 UK 1975 Sell This Version
MC 8013 Roger Roger Drama And Suspense(LP) Crea Sound Ltd. MC 8013 France 1976 Sell This Version
SRP 7601 Roger Roger Jolly Roger(LP) BBC Radioplay Music SRP 7601 UK 1976 Sell This Version
JC001, JC 001 Roger Roger Chatta Mooga Choo Choo(LP, Album) Jaycee, Jaycee JC001, JC 001 UK 1976 Sell This Version
IM 18 Roger Roger Melodies With A Beat(LP) L'Illustration Musicale IM 18 France 1976 Sell This Version
IM 25 Roger Roger Sound Industrial(LP) L'Illustration Musicale IM 25 France 1977 Sell This Version
TCH 00100 Roger Roger De La Musique Et Des Secrets Pour Enchanter Vos Plantes(LP, Gat) Tchou Éditeur TCH 00100 France 1978 Sell This Version
MON 42, 46541 Roger Roger / Nino Nardini Roger Roger / Nino Nardini - Animals' Christmas(LP) Mondiophone, Crea Sound Ltd. MON 42, 46541 France 1978 Sell This Version
MC 8018 Roger Roger Gags À Gogo(LP) Crea Sound Ltd. MC 8018 France 1979 Sell This Version
100.028, 100028 Roger Roger / Nino Nardini Roger Roger / Nino Nardini - Catastrophe(LP, W/Lbl) Musax, Musax 100.028, 100028 France 1980 Sell This Version


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October 30, 2014
edited over 2 years ago
Well, these days, and since years, I do not know any other Music Composer wich makes me feel Physically Good, and I automaticly include Georges Teperino near him like it would be a singular musical personification with a precise discovered output.
I mean Roger was a Musician too and he performed on many of his Libraries and so his musical compositions were made in a way that every bit of Sound Entity is balanced to a high degree of attentive care, so to obtain at the end one totally different unique Overrall Sound.
His creative Skilss were enhanced by his Classical Conductor formation.
This led to the formation of a Craftmanship Master wich blended Orchestral Music and Electronic Music in a sort of total new way of "multi-layer composing".
We can always see what we hear and there's always a changing background behind his enchanting melodies and is really curious to observe this always happening, for example, in one of his early 1956 soundtrack composition and in one of his many Library tracks from the seventies.
We cannot forget him as unique Figure both in Easy Listening and in the emerging early Electronic Music and still we cannot forget that he widely cooperated with his Friend and Alter-Duo Georges Achille Teperino, alias Nino Nardini, with the same strong purpose to deliver the world of some of the most ground-breaking music, wich closed down the "Golden Age era" of Big Band Music and opened the gates for the Modern Electronic Music.

His Music has a big range among Human emotions and his music has a basic ingredient made of fun and "divertissement": his joy of life wich clearly shines in his music has brought many relief smiles to this tough life and in gloomy moments the listeners soul is lifted from his heavy thoughts.
Life wouldn't be the same with such a comic and funny music, and plus, THIS Music does not exist elsewhere at present time.

Roger is good for your Health !

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