Pandemonium (3) Spikedge

January 16, 2019
This band history is pointless, it doesn't even say where the band comes from which is really all we need to know.

Pandemonium (3) OughtaKrawl

July 25, 2019
If you actually process what is written it becomes fairly obvious what area and scenes they were apart of. It's also a nice read and much more than most people ever bother to write on here. It took me less than a minute to look up "Limbabwe label" mentioned in the first paragraph to find that they were from the Netherlands. I didn't see the other response to your comment until now though and well I'd already decided I was going to let you know you are well... special. I'll be a sweetheart about it all. Oi. ☻

Pandemonium (3) dampspanning23

April 20, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
These guys originated from the Dutch town of Venlo. They where more or less the predessors to Gore, which in their turn undeniably influenced several other bands and musicians worldwide because of their innovative and original musical style. (e.g. the German band 'Bohren & Der Club Of Gore' chose their name in honour of them... PLUS: in 2008 the 'Southern Lord' label (owned by Sunn O)))'s Greg Anderson) put out a re-issue of Gore's first two albums) So as a matter of fact Pandemonium's history should certainly not be considered pointless or unimportant imho...