Out Da Ville

Hip Hop crew from St. Anns, Nottingham. Before the crew was known as Out Da Ville, it was just a group hanging out at Trevor Rose's Community Recording studio (Stansville). The core was just three: MC Lee Ramsay, and producers Nick Dimes and Big Trev. Back in 1993 Lee Ramsay was just 13 when they started on the first 12" 'Dedicated', although it did not surface until around 1995 when 'Real Deal Records' was set up to put the stuff out. Things then took off from there. The next release was also from Lee Ramsay called 'R.D. Style' (1996) (R.D. - a shortened version of the label name - Real Deal) and this time featured Tempa, Scor-Zay-Zee and Fidel Castro. In late 1997 the crew put out another 12" 'Out Of Da Ville' which again featured Lee Ramsay, Fidel Castro, Karizma, Instinct and Becky. It was after this 12, around early 1998 that this group evolved into 'Out Da Ville' as we know them today. Although the label was initially called Real Deal records, with just the production team being called Out Da Ville, people were mistakenly calling the label Out Da Ville records, so Big Trev decided for the sake of simplicity to call the label Out Da Ville too. In 1998 another 12" followed, a white label with Tempa, Lee Ramsay and Scorz. Following this succession of 12s came the EP which signaled a stepping up in their game and a distinct changing of their style. The record was 1999s 'An Da Vilie Gos On' which featured six stunning tracks and the vocals of Lee Ramsay, Tempa, Scorz, Karizma and C-Mone.