The Designers Republic

The Designers Republic is a graphic design studio, founded on 14 July 1986 by Ian Anderson, and based in Sheffield, England. The studio closed in January 2009, though Anderson has stated that "[The Designers Republic] will go forward after this"—for instance, in January 2010, Warp Records announced that the studio had designed Oversteps, Autechre's tenth album.

An archive of their work is no longer available on the 'pho-ku' website.
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"The Designers Republic Ward 5 Nebuliser Patrol", ( MITDR™ ), (miTDR ™), ...And All Because The Lady Loves Her Designers Republic!, 20 Original Hits By The Designers Republic, A Designers Republic Stunt, A Fish Needs The Designers Republic, A Travelogue Through Heaven With The Designers Republic, Advance DR: 1756/63, Advanced Visual Language Systems T/A The Designers Republic, American Expressionism From The Designers Republic, Andromeda Designers Republic Miro-Call, Aquarian Quantity Love The Designers Republic, Art-letico Designers Republic/MP, Athletico Club Designers Republic Techno Prisoners, Bring The Designers Republic!, By Appointment The Designers Republic Will Design The World!, Captain, What's The Designers Republic?, Captain, What's The Designers Republic? "Bespoke Star Trek Tailoring, Scotty", Central Heating For Kids! The Designers Republic, DES-REPᵁᴷ, DR, DR - UK, DR™, Dbailey/Mitdr™, Decked Out In Satin Tights, Fighting For Your Rights: The Designers Republic, Design/ers Republic, Designer's Republic, Designers EuroRepublic, Designers Malrepublicva, Designers Republic, Designers Republic Of ISAvision, Designers Republic Of Isavision, Designers Republic TM, Designers Republic of ISAvision, Designers Republica, Dial 0742 For Dynamo Designers Republic Disco Rocket, Double Dynamo Designers Republic, Dukla Designers Republic, Dynamo Designers Republic, Dynamo Designers Republic Sheffield, Dynamo Designers Republic UK / Sheffield, El Designo Republica, Endless Sweet Mouth Activity From The Designers Republic, Ers Republic 269-96, Everyone's Gone To The Designers Republic, Hands Knees & The Designers Republic™, Help! Fire! MITDR™, House Of The Designers Republic, I Love My Designers Republic, I Love My Designers Republic (And So Does Pixel Pip), I Luv My Designers Republic, I ❤ My Designers Republic, I'm Really Proud Of My Designers Republic Today, I'm Really Proud Of My Designers Republic, Today, If It's The Designers Republic Buy It!, If It's The Designers Republic It Must Be Wednesday!, If It's Wednesday, It Must Be The Designers Republic, Image In The Designers Republic, Imagine The Designers Republic, Into Europe "The Designers Republic" (Member of the Gin-C Group), It's The Designers Republic... Steppin' Out!, I♥DR, I♥DR (G-Inc), MITDR, MITDR TM, MITDR:UK'96™, MITDR:UK97™, MITDR™, MITDR™ /, MITDR™ Creative Response Unit, Made In The Designers Republic, Made In The Designers Republic (A Telescope On Life), Made In The Designers Republic Of Sheffield, Soyo, England, Made in The Designers Republic, MiTDR, More Magic From The Designers Republic, Mummy, What's The Designers Republic? Happy Things, Little One, My Life! It's The Designers Republic On Double Time, Pho-Ku Designers Republic, Pop Art! 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Tuffer Than Tuff Collage By M.C. Place For D.R. Bedale Branch!, The Designers Republic "Bingo Bobby Boo", The Designers Republic "Dive! Dive! Dive!", The Designers Republic "King Willy's Voodoo Posse", The Designers Republic "Long Tails And Ears For Hats", The Designers Republic "MildMeanFurryLipSquid!", The Designers Republic (A Warm Glow All Over), The Designers Republic (Cats Are Boring!), The Designers Republic (DR) Comics Inc., The Designers Republic (Milky Tea), The Designers Republic (One Day Everybody'll Be Computers...), The Designers Republic (Part Of The Gin-C Group), The Designers Republic (Peripheral Vision X 1), The Designers Republic (Teddy Bears' Barmy Army), The Designers Republic (We Design The Weather), The Designers Republic + Sissy™ Say Grrr...! (The Peoples Choice), The Designers Republic - Get Ready To Rrrumble!, The Designers Republic - Morphological Stabalization, The Designers Republic - The Housewives' Choice, The Designers Republic - The Tomorrow People, The Designers Republic .com, The Designers Republic / Soyo, The Designers Republic 11'48"41''', The Designers Republic 1995, The Designers Republic 1996, The Designers Republic Boxing Day Massacre, The Designers Republic By Appointment To The Future, Sheffield, The Designers Republic Call Quest International, The Designers Republic Commune, The Designers Republic Consumer Products, The Designers Republic Dee Are Shekinah, The Designers Republic Dive Deeper!, The Designers Republic Dotcom, The Designers Republic Eclectroset, The Designers Republic Eclectroset*, The Designers Republic Favourite Christmas Jumper, The Designers Republic Fly-Ichneumon, The Designers Republic Hi!, The Designers Republic Interplanetary Art Patrol, The Designers Republic Interplanetary Art Patrol Save The World Again, The Designers Republic Is Very Gorgeous Ltd., The Designers Republic Jungle-Rumbler, The Designers Republic Keraion Prograam 2049, The Designers Republic Life Is Something Special, The Designers Republic Like Planet Rock We Just Don't Stop, The Designers Republic Limited Graphic Design Associates CPPABB/Soyo, The Designers Republic Love Action, The Designers Republic Love Babies, The Designers Republic Low Budget Operation!, The Designers Republic Luxury, The Designers Republic Mmmmm..!, The Designers Republic Noir, The Designers Republic Of Isavision, The Designers Republic Of Love, The Designers Republic Of Lurv, The Designers Republic Of Snapdragons, The Designers Republic Of Well-Being, The Designers Republic On 33.3 A Technical Dream!, The Designers Republic On A Saturday Afternoon, The Designers Republic On The Italian Job, The Designers Republic Phasers On Full... 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The Designers Republic's On The Vento-Line, Visual Army Inc., We Dig The Designers Republic, What An Eiffel The Designers Republic!, What Is The Designers Republic?, Who Are The Designers Republic?, Wot A Nice Set By The Designers Republic C|A|U|S|, dr,, i-luv.mi.tdr, mITDR™, mi/tDR, mi/tDR™, miTDR, miTDR:TM, miTDR:UK'96™, miTDR™, miTDR™ (North Of Nowhere™), miTDR™ - North Of Nowhere™, miTDR™ [Soyo], miTDR™., mitDR, mitDR UK'96™, mitDR.UK'96™, mitDR:UK'01™, mitDR:UK'02™, mitDR:UK'04™, mitDR:UK'96™, mitDR™, mitdr, signersrepublik (miTDR ™) 14.2., tDR, tDR.UK96™, tdr, thedesignersrepublic,,,

Writing & Arrangement

none The Designers Republic - Visual Rocks: The Heart Of The Music Video album art Various Joy Various - Visual Rocks: The Heart Of The Music Video(DVD-V, Comp) IdN Pro none Hong Kong 2006 Sell This Version


377 939 2 The Designers Republic - Phantasmagoria [Or] A Different Kind Of Journey album art Eivind Aarset 4-Tet Eivind Aarset 4-Tet - Phantasmagoria [Or] A Different Kind Of Journey(2xLP, Album) Jazzland Recordings 377 939 2 Norway 2021 Sell This Version


EPC 26513 The Designers Republic - Stronger Than Reason album art Person To Person Person To Person - Stronger Than Reason (Album) Epic EPC 26513 UK 1985 Sell This Version
A 6138 The Designers Republic - Love On The Rebound album art Person To Person Person To Person - Love On The Rebound Epic A 6138 UK 1985 Sell This Version
BED 7 The Designers Republic - Ishmael album art Eric Random And The Bedlamites Eric Random And The Bedlamites - Ishmael (Album) Fon Records BED 7 UK 1986 Sell This Version
254 185-1 (MCG 6006) The Designers Republic - 10 Days In An Elevator album art Chakk Chakk - 10 Days In An Elevator(LP, Album + 12", EP) MCA Records 254 185-1 (MCG 6006) Europe 1986 Sell This Version
PRTA 7093, A 7093 The Designers Republic - East River album art Picnic At The Whitehouse Picnic At The Whitehouse - East River (Single, Maxi) Portrait, Portrait PRTA 7093, A 7093 Netherlands 1986 Sell This Version
AGE 5 The Designers Republic - Kiss album art Age Of Chance Age Of Chance - Kiss (Single) Fon Records AGE 5 UK 1986 Sell This Version
PRT A 13.6783 The Designers Republic - We Need Protection (Mother-Mix) album art Picnic At The Whitehouse Picnic At The Whitehouse - We Need Protection (Mother-Mix) (Maxi) Portrait, Epic PRT A 13.6783 Spain 1986 Sell This Version
FON 06 The Designers Republic - Timebomb album art Chakk Chakk - Timebomb Fon Records FON 06 UK 1986 Sell This Version
SWAN 3 The Designers Republic - Bloodsport album art The Swanhunters with Chakk The Swanhunters with Chakk - Bloodsport(12", Maxi) Fon Records SWAN 3 UK 1986 Sell This Version
SED 2 The Designers Republic - The Mighty Device album art Sedition (2) Sedition (2) - The Mighty Device(12") Fon Records SED 2 UK 1986 Sell This Version
BACON 404 The Designers Republic - When Will The Blues Leave? album art The Bone Orchestra The Bone Orchestra - When Will The Blues Leave?(Cass, Album) The Importance Of Being Frank BACON 404 UK 1987 Sell This Version
CDV 2473 The Designers Republic - One Thousand Years Of Trouble album art Age Of Chance Age Of Chance - One Thousand Years Of Trouble (Album) Virgin CDV 2473 UK 1987 Sell This Version
12NTV 24 The Designers Republic - Asylum album art Screaming Trees (2) Screaming Trees (2) - Asylum Native Records 12NTV 24 UK 1987 Sell This Version
ELM 8 The Designers Republic - My Life's Example album art Treebound Story Treebound Story - My Life's Example (Single) Fon Records ELM 8 UK 1986 Sell This Version
0-96726 The Designers Republic - Don't Get Mad...Get Even! album art Age Of Chance Age Of Chance - Don't Get Mad...Get Even! Virgin 0-96726 US 1987 Sell This Version
VS DJ 962 The Designers Republic - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Noise! album art Age Of Chance Age Of Chance - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Noise! (Single, EP) Virgin VS DJ 962 UK 1987 Sell This Version
JABC 63 The Designers Republic - House Arrest (The Beat Is The Law) album art Krush Krush - House Arrest (The Beat Is The Law) (Single, Maxi, EP) Club, Club, Fon Records, Fon Records, Phonogram, Phonogram JABC 63 UK 1987 Sell This Version
7 90583-4, 90583-4 The Designers Republic - Crush Collision album art Age Of Chance Age Of Chance - Crush Collision (MiniAlbum) Virgin 7 90583-4, 90583-4 US 1986 Sell This Version
NTVLP 28 The Designers Republic - Hoodoo Talk album art Peter Hope & Richard H. Kirk Peter Hope & Richard H. Kirk - Hoodoo Talk (Album) Native Records NTVLP 28 UK 1987 Sell This Version
JUNK 2 The Designers Republic - Junk Town Slam album art Junk (6) Junk (6) - Junk Town Slam(12") Native Records JUNK 2 UK 1988 Sell This Version
NTVCD 29 The Designers Republic - A Fracture In Time album art Screaming Trees (2) Screaming Trees (2) - A Fracture In Time(CD, Album) Native Records NTVCD 29 UK 1988 Sell This Version
HEDD 3 The Designers Republic - You Won't Hold Me Down album art Soho (2) Soho (2) - You Won't Hold Me Down(7", Single) Hedd Records, Virgin HEDD 3 UK 1988 Sell This Version
VST 1035 The Designers Republic - Take It! album art Age Of Chance Age Of Chance - Take It! (Single) Virgin VST 1035 UK 1988 Sell This Version

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March 11, 2022
"Distinctive" sure is the word to describe The Designers Republic's work. Their packaging designs are ripe with classics, however, elsewhere in their catalogue there's just as much overrated, self-indulgent graphic tripe.


December 6, 2021
Simply put, the greatest to ever do it. Unbelievably unique and inspirational for decades after its peak output in the 90s.


April 16, 2021
Created some impactful designs in the britpop genre as well for artists such as Supergrass, Sleeper, and Pulp.


December 6, 2014
edited over 8 years ago
Highly distinctive & influential design team, mostly notable to Trance fans as the looks behind most of the React catalogue during their golden period (1992-1999).

Case in hand being the Reactivate series. You just have to look at the sleeves of Reactivate 1-4 (before Designers Republic) and then compare them with volumes 5-15.

The look was fresh, it was distinctive, it was instantly recognizable.

Techno / Experimental fans please feel free to chip in with your take on the best of Designer Republic's work with Warp...

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