Real Name:Mike Bryant, Jon Fugler, Mike Tournier

Formed in the late 1980s by three friends living together in London, Fluke started out making dreamy pop before the explosion of acid house influenced them. It was the growing electronica sound that influenced their early singles ("Thumper" "Joni" & "Slid") and their techno-rock debut album "The Techno Rose Of Blighty." They signed with Virgin for their next albums "Six Wheels On My Wagon" (1993) and "OTO" (1995), which proved Fluke to be a driving force in the progressive house and trip-hop scenes. Their fourth album "Risotto" was a runaway success in 1997 and 1998, powered by the cartoony big-beat of "Atom Bomb" and the gentle breakbeat track "Reeferendrum." After enjoying worldwide touring for several years, Fluke took time off to expand their already-massive remix-ography, releasing the retrospective "Progressive History X" in 2001. Their final and most mature album, "Puppy" followed in mid-2003, this time incorporating Jon Fugler and Mike Bryant only, while Mike Tournier concentrated on his own band Syntax (4) together with vocalist Jan Burton.

After Puppy came out, Fugler and Bryant reinvented themselves as 2 Bit Pie.

Aliases:Lucky Monkeys
Members:Jon Fugler, Mike Bryant, Mike Tournier
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