Blinders On

It took lots and lots of time and moving around before the Blinders On could form. After living practically on top of each other and being active in rockcombos in different cities in Blekinge (the south of Sweden, that is) since, like, always the band formed in Malmö in 2004.

Influenced by indie rock icons such as Ian MacKaye, Niklas Quintana, Walter Schreifels, Stephen Malkmus, Brez and the bands related to these Blinders On (named after one of the songs that was to be written, that song is nowadays called “Blinders Are On”) started to write songs with solely one purpose. To uphold the tradition of the great indier​ocksce​ne in Sweden, something that’s been on the lowdown these past years, with exceptions of a few bands of course.

When remini​scing, it’s not really hard to understand why Blinders On sound like they do. With members coming from various emo-, pop-, hardcore- and indiebands the mix is delicate! Sure, there’s an uncomp​romisi​ng touch to the bands music with walls of guitars and raging drums but it also contains hooks and melodies that in some way have come to be the mark of the band.

J. Appelqvist – vox, guitar
M. Grander– guitars
M. Kullberg – bass, backing vox
A. Oscarsson – drums


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