Hape Kerkeling

Real Name:
Hans Peter Wilhelm Kerkeling
German comedian and TV host, born December 9th, 1964 in Recklinghausen, lived in Düsseldorf and since 2007 in Berlin.

He started his career in 1985 with comedy TV.
His first show was named "Känguru", 1989 his breakthrough with another comedy show "Total normal"

1992 he acted in his only one movie "Kein Pardon" in the 90's, otherwise he did a lot of comedy shows ("Cheese", "Darüber lacht die Welt", "Hape trifft" etc.)

In the 2000's also hosting music and entertainment shows without any comedy aspect ("Die 70er Show", "Let's Dance" etc.)

2005 he "created" his alter ego Horst Schlämmer.
His role Horst Schlämmer became more successful as he ever expected as results many special appearances on TV.

He also did literature: "Ich bin dann mal weg" was the title of his book. He wrote down his wandering experiences on the "Jakobsweg" in Spain.
"Ich bin dann mal weg" climbed to Nr. 1 in the german paperback charts, entered then the charts worldwide.

2007: award "Adolf-Grimme-Preis" for his lifework

2008: award "Champagne-Preis" in march 2008 for spreading "enjoyment of life".
In april he presented his new character Günther Warnke on TV in a show called "Hallo Taxi". It's about a mad taxi driver in Düsseldorf.
For 2008 he took a time out, writing a new book
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