Association Des Concerts Robert Lamoureux

Association Des Concerts Robert Lamoureux

The Orchestre Lamoureux (officially known as the Société des Nouveaux-Concerts and also known as the Concerts Lamoureux) is an orchestral concert society founded in Paris by Charles Lamoureux in 1881.

Charles Lamoureux (1881–1897)
Camille Chevillard (1897–1923)
Paul Paray (1923–1928)
Albert Wolff (1928–1934)
Eugène Bigot (1935–1950)
Jean Martinon (1951–1957)
Igor Markevitch (1957–1961)
Jean-Baptiste Mari
Jean Claude Bernède (1979–1991)
Valentin Kojin (1991–1993)
Yutaka Sado (1993–2011)
Fayçal Karoui (2011–present)
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