Chaqueño Palavecino

Real Name:
Oscar Esperanza Palavecino
Born December 18, 1959 in a village in Chaco Salteño, on a ranch named El Ñato that bordered three nations: Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. Nearby Aboriginal communities there are the Toba, Wichí and Chorote.
His mother was 35 years old when Oscar was born, Doña Estela had to play a dual role, being a mother and father at the same time. From childhood he worked to cooperate with expenses at home. At age 9 he faced the illness of his mother and was forced to sell their few belongings and settle in Tartagal with his brothers, Juan Pablo and Lucho. They lived in her uncle's house some time.

He attended school in the morning and worked afternoons gathering cardboard and bottles to recycle for money. In 1976, when Oscar was 17 his mother died. From there he lived alone, as his brothers had jobs in Salta. One of them, Juan Pablo, took Oscar to Salta to live with an aunt, who got him his first job in the city, loading and unloading propane tanks. After 2 years of military service, he returned and resumed his duties in the propane company, but shortly after moved to transportation.

He enjoyed life as a driver traveling routes of Vespucio, Pocitos, Salta, and Oran and all the way to Buenos Aires. During this time he slowly made his first steps as a singer and began performing at small functions like the “Gauchos of Güemes” and at Don Johnny’s grill. These helped him to get over the stage fright and realize he just wanted people to hear him sing.

When he was 25 he joined his first group: The Pilcomayo Three. Formed by Negro Gómez (violin), Elvio Condoríen (guitar) and Oscar (percussion). The group toured the north of Argentina and was very well received. But when the violinist left, the group separated.

Wanting to assemble a new group, Oscar called on Oscar Bazan for lead guitar, Don Lucas Cabral on bandoneon, Elias Balderrama on second guitar and percussion Pascual Toledo (succeeded by Dante Catan and Dante Delgadillo, who were percussionists briefly).

The first cassette was recorded with the participation of Mauro Matos, Buenos Aires violinist. Because of the cost of the recording sessions, Oscar asked for help from all his friends to raise the money, and still did not complete the cost.

He was working with Lucas Cabral and Oscar Bazán when Don Lucas wrote the "Gatito pa' Don Lucas." The first tape was marketed in 1987 and Pa’ mis abuelos esta zamba achieved its peak in Bolivia.

Chaqueno never stopped thanking those people who gave him a hand over the years. Los Chalchaleros, Luis Landriscina, Raul Portal and Mabel Maharbiz, among others.

So he began touring the folklore scene with his group and returned to the stage where he took his first steps at Gauchos of Guemes. This success led him to record his second cassette, Pa’l Tio Pala (1989). This work was more successful than the last.

His participation in the 1992 Preserenata led to the Serenata Mayor; Chaqueno appeared with Don Lucas Cabral on bandoneon, Pascual Toledo on drums, the Mulato and Oscar Bazan. This marked the way to Cosquín.

Already in Cosquín and part of the Salta delegation, their presence was impeccable, but his greatest opportunity came when singing a song that was televised throughout the country, that's what he craved since arriving in Cordoba.

In 1993 he left Tartagal and the company where he worked for 11 years. Living in the city of Salta, Oscar began working for the long distance bus company La Veloz del Norte. In 1994 and 1995 he struggled to keep his job and his singing career. In 1995 he recorded El alma de Felipito.

In 2007 he released the album Chaco Escondido… Yo soy de alla.

In 2008, Chaco Palavecino presented Abrazando al caudillo, bringing together 21 songs belonging to the renowned Argentine composer Horacio Guarany. With a short introductory speech, Guarany participated on Palavecinos album, who plays and sings the repertoire of folk songs.

In 2009 he toured around the country with the Los Nocheros and Soledad, in a show titled La Fiesta, which led to a CD + DVD with the same title, recorded on May 16, 2009 in the stadium of Velez Sarsfield (Buenos Aires). Natalia Pastorutti participated as a guest on the song "Jamas" and Los Tekis sang on "Que no daria".

In 2010 he celebrated a quarter century of music, releasing 25 years.

In 2011, Chaco Palavecino recorded the album Mi cielo terrenal, consisting of 14 songs.

In 2012 his friend and lead guitarist Oscar Bazán passed away due to lymphatic cancer.


Chaqueño Palavecino Discography Tracks


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