Trance Generators

Real Name:Simone Bergamelli (Ben DJ) & Massimo Magri (Radium)

The Trance Generators are Ben DJ and Radium, the founding fathers of Future Sound Corporation, and are renowned as chart leaders in this growing movement for banging sounds. They try to deliver the hardest, most captivating, pounding beats the world has ever experienced and have quickly infiltrated the world's hardtrance and hardstyle scene to introduce their listeners to new sounds. In a surprisingly short period of time, the team, helped by artists such as Jon The Baptist, Audio Damage and GiGi Lav, have established themselves as a solid European force in today's dance industry with their label Future Sound Corporation.

The team is created (Ben DJ, DJ Inside, Vespa 63)
First productions on Anthem

Creation of their own label Future Sound Corporation
end of the year 2001 Vespa 63 leaves and Radium (2) enters

In March DJ Inside leaves

In March this project has been ended due to the split up of Ben DJ & Radium (2)
April Massimo Magri aka Radium (2) starts a new project: Trance Generator on his new label FSC Records
May Simone Bergamelli aka Ben DJ continued his solo career under his alias Simon J. Bergher on his new label Detonation Recordings

Aliases:Atomic Alliance
Members:Aldo Pesenti, Massimo Magri, Philippe Martin, Simone Bergamelli
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