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The Valerie Dore project was started with the voice of Dora Carofiglio, the vocalist of Novecento. She sang "The Night" but the song was promoted by Monica Stucchi and Valerie Dore became the stage name of Monica Stucchi only. While with Novecento, Dora sang the following two hits "Get Closer" and "It's So Easy" under Valerie Dore.
During the years of activity the team also included Simona Zanini who wrote the lyrics for the 2nd arc of the project, "The Legend" album and the two singles taken from it. Marco Tansini and Simona Zanini had been working with Merak Music (Monia, Diana Barton, John Ryel) and producer Roberto Gasparini decided to give them the job, which included Simona Zanini following Monica's singing and pronunciation, and recording background vocals too. , Wikipedia , Wikipedia , Facebook , MySpace
Members:Dora Carofiglio, Monica Stucchi, Simona Zanini
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