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Tokyo Blade is a heavy metal band from Salisbury, South West England, England, United Kingdom, that was formed in 1979 under the name White Diamond. The band changed its name to Killer (33) in 1980, then to Genghis Khan (2) in 1981 and finally to Tokyo Blade in 1983. The band was part of the NWOBHM movement.

TOKYO BLADE proved extremely popular in Europe touring on a regular basis, but failed to ignite sufficient interest in Britain despite steady commendable reviews. Ultimately the band's impetus, provided initially by a crop of strong NWoBHM era singles and albums, was sapped by a series of unstable line ups.
Formerly known as KILLERS , featuring a line up of vocalist Alan Marsh, guitarists Andy Boulton, and Ray Disemore, bassist Andy Robbins and drummer Steve Pierce, the Salisbury group released the demo 'For Serious Applicants Only' in 1981 before adopting the new title of GENGHIS KHAN. As GENGHIS KHAN, the quintet released three singles prior to a further name change to TOKYO BLADE, re-issuing the 'If Heaven Is Hell' single under the new title and, naturally, in new packaging. TOKYO BLADE attracted the attention of the York based Powerstation label and the independent label released the five piece band's self-titled debut album in 1983.

Members and Ex- Members: Andy Boulton (guitar), Alan Marsh (vocals, 1981-84, 1990-96), Ray Dismore (guitar, 1981-83), Andy Robbins (bass, 1981-84), Steve Pierce (drums, 1981-86, 2008-present), John Wiggins (guitar, 1983-85, 1994-96, 2008-present), Andy Wrighton (bass, 1984-85, 2008-present), Vick Wright (vocals, 1984-86), Peter Zito (vocals, 1987-88), Chris Stover (bass, 1987-88), Alex Lee (drums, 1987-88), Brian George (vocals, 1987-88), Michael Pozz (vocals, 1988-89), Dave Sale (bass, 1988-89), Hans Juergen Astor (drums, 1988-89), Martin Machwitz (keyboards, 1988-89), Colin Riggs (bass, 1990-96), Marc Angel (drums, 1990-96), Danny Gwilym (guitar, 1990), Ian "Attila" Marshall (keyboards, 1990), Jez Lee (guitar, ?-1994), Bryan Holland (guitar, 2008), Frank Saparti (bass, 2008), Lorenzo Gonzalez (drums, 2008), Chris Gillen (vocals, 2008), Nicolaj Ruhnow (vocals, 2010-present) , Facebook , Facebook , MySpace
Aliases:Genghis Khan (2), Killer (33)
Members:Alan Marsh, Alex Lee (9), Andy Boulton, Andy Cattlin, Andy Robbins, Andy Wrighton, Attila (16), Bryan Holland (3), Carl Sentance, Chris Gillen, Chris Stover (3), Colin Riggs, Danny Gwilym, Dave Sale, David Donaldson (5), Hans-Jürgen Astor, Jez Lee, John Wiggins (2), Lorenzo Gonzalez, Martin Machwitz
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