The Taj-Mahal Travellers

Real Name:タージ・マハル旅行団

Formed in 1969 by "six meta-music creators & one electronic engineer", this group created stunning cosmic music which was always entirely improvised. The ensemble regularly played throughout Japan and was best known for events such as playing all day at a beach in Kanagawa. In 1971, they made their first tour of Europe, meeting up with Don Cherry, among others. The following year, they returned, but with a twist. From Rotterdam, they drove an old Volkswagon bus all the way to Pakistan, picking up santoors [a type of dulcimer instrument] on the way in Iran. Finding the border between Pakistan and India closed, they sold the bus and flew to India - finally travelling to the Taj Mahal. Upon their return to Japan, they played a benefit concert on July 15, 1972, to help pay for their return to U.K. This concert was recorded and issued as the first of their two LPs. Though playing for television and radio many times, both in Japan and Europe, and playing many concert and festivals, their next record did not come until 1975. Recorded in August of 1974, this would prove to be the last official release by the group, which started to come apart later in 1975. After the group disbanded, almost all of the members stopped their involvement with music and disappeared. The notable exception was Takehisa Kosugi, who continued to be active until the time of his death, in 2018. Also, in late 90's, the youngest member of the group, Seiji Nagai has returned from India and become active with electronic music again. In addition to these core members, the group was joined by occasional guests such as Hirokazu Sato and Kazuo Imai.

Members:Kinji Hayashi, Michihiro Kimura, Ryo Koike, Seiji Nagai, Takehisa Kosugi, Tokio Hasegawa, Yukio Tsuchiya




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