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Tracy Weber

Tracy Weber grew up in Jamaica, an area of Queens in New York, nearby Richard Bassoff's writing partner: Nick Braddy. The duo wrote the music for her first song in a single day, after a record executive showed strong interest in a demo of "One Step At A Time" but later said that their record company didn't have the finances to release it. So the release deal went to RFC Records instead.

Tracy Weber was generously talented as she could sing any song after hearing it just once, one or two studio takes was all she needed. Sadly she was shot to death (by an individual targeting her brother) just two weeks before her first record finally came out. Aside of "One Step At A Time" and "Sure Shot", Braddy and Bassoff also recorded a demo with Tracy named "You Ought To Know" which was later released with Michelle Wallace on vocals.
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Tracy Weber Sure Shot (Single, Maxi) Quality, RFC Records Canada 1981 Sell This Version
Tracy Weber One Step At A Time Quality Germany 1983 Sell This Version
Tracy Weber Sure Shot / One Step At A Time (Maxi, Single) Unidisc Canada 1988 Sell This Version

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May 7, 2011
edited over 6 years ago
About Tracey/Tracy death, her cousin wrote (internet site):

"May 29, 10 | 6:54 pm
Tracey was my cousin. Her birthday was July 14. I remember the day she died. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I remember her singing Alfie and standing in her living singing the Stylistics. I remember her singing with a group and for some reason I remember their names as the Crippled Crabs. Her house was the 1st place I ever heard the Stylistics entire album. I happened to see the flyer on a friend's FB page today. She and I were born a month apart. Of course, I knew her mother, father, sister, brother. To clear up misinformation - they were not gunning for her brother. She was with her uncle and they were both killed. They had a double funeral at Abyssinian (sp?). I remember the first time I heard "Sure Shot" - I was riding across the GW Bridge and almost wrecked my car. It is still hard for me to hear the song without crying. I had pictures from when we were young - some were lost in a move. I'm betting that my mom still has some. I miss Tracy and know that she would have been really big had she lived. Thanks for the tribute Swing Phi Swing - it's a beautiful thing.
Michele Lewis"

Man, Sure Shot is great. I can't stay quite when I hear this song... \o>


October 6, 2007
Don't know if anyone has ever noticed, but Tracy Weber's most excellent track "Sure Shot" has been covered or should that be re-used by Róisín Murphy recently during September/October 2007 under her track titled "Let Me Know" released on Echo/EMI Records (UK).

Same groove, just re-instrumentalised and re-vocaled by Róisín. Just type "Roisin Murphy Steals" into YouTube for an example.

Sounds good in both versions in my opinion, so you can't loose either way.

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