Ramlah Ram

Ramlah Ram

Ramlah Ram is a singer and actress Malaysia which comes from Muar , Johor . Born on 19 February 1965. Coming from Kesang, Muar Johor is the star birth RTM, RTM-star contests in 1985. He made ​​his spectacular through the song 'Love' made ​​famous by Mariah Carey on the final night, just when the prestigious competition. Among the popular singing his songs are still popular until now is you lock my love in your heart, my love Adrift At Sea Silence, Right To Left Lonely Love and others.

Ramlah Ram is one of the duo that has produced a new solo album in decades different than any 4 M Nasir , Anita Sarawak , Sharifah Aini , Khatijah Ibrahim , Jamal Abdillah , ND Lala and Strike Idris .

Her debut album is published by Datuk Ahmad Nawab with patience darling title in 1986 and his star began to 'meledak'pada in 1988 through the album 'Love You Key (in your hearts) where he was the first artist to Malaysia reached album sales exceeding 300,000 units. Album best when it also includes the song 'What Khabarmu Over There "and" Silent Silent Love'.

Among the songs he is singing hits "Love Lost At Sea Sepi '(1989),' Thorn In Love '(1990),' Who is Guilty '(1991),' eulogy and red tape '(1992),' Goodbye Romeo '( 1994), 'arrogance' (1995), 'The Living Paper' (1998), 'Give It marginalized' (1999), 'Emperor' (2006), 'long live' and 'Policy' (2007/2008)

Ever called Whitney Houston Malaysia because her high notes of 'F Sharp' is comparable to the United States the famous diva. [ citation needed ] Vocal and appreciation when singing high-pitched been shown up to now with some success in the Champions Songs (1988) and Hits 1 (2008) and was nominated grab the best vocal on AIM in 1995 and 1998 through the album 'Ramlah Ram' and 'A Love Sehampar Promise'

After getting married with RTM engineers, Kamal Roslim in 2000, Ramlah Ram withdrawn because of domestic commitments until a new one built his comeback with the song 'Emperor' in 2006 culminated its name back. Now with his preparation to come up with a new album began with success in Hits The RTM organized on 23 March 2008 . The song 'Provisions' has been named as the best song and it is the beginning of success for this Vocal Diva.

Ramlah Ram latest album titled Heart aspiration has been marketed in October 2012. For the first time an album was produced by a member of his fan club Ramlah Ram Group and marketed by the FMC. The album is the first in Malaysia, published by a group of registered fans. The album still retains the concept of Pop but work with creators of new talent who are members of the club's own fans while music composition produced by famous composers such as Ady 6ixthsense, Mikael and Ammar Dramaband. Among the songs included in his latest album is '5:00 minutes,' 'Crazy Love', 'True love', 'Prayer Mat Love', 'Wish', 'Just You Come' and 'Destiny of Love'.


Ramlah Ram Discography Tracks


74321 16686-2 Ramlah Ram Dangdut(CD, Album) BMG 74321 16686-2 Malaysia 1994 Sell This Version
74321 28010-2 Ramlah Ram Ramlah Ram(CD, Album) BMG 74321 28010-2 Malaysia 1995 Sell This Version
74321 41518-2 Ramlah Ram, Nelly Agustine Ramlah Ram, Nelly Agustine - Cinta Di Musim Dangdut(CD, Album) BMG, Nadi 74321 41518-2 Malaysia 1996 Sell This Version
74321 56135-2 Ramlah Ram Sekeping Cinta Sehampar Janji(CD, Album) BMG 74321 56135-2 Malaysia 1998 Sell This Version
FMCD 27133 Ramlah Ram Ketentuan(CD, Album) FMC FMCD 27133 Malaysia 2009 Sell This Version
RRGE-CD 121012 Ramlah Ram Aspirasi Hati(CD, Album) FMC Music Sdn. Bhd. RRGE-CD 121012 Malaysia 2012 Sell This Version
4765713 Ramlah Ram Kau Kunci Cintaku Di Dalam Hatimu(CD, Album) Universal Music Malaysia 4765713 Malaysia 2015 Sell This Version
5701696 Ramlah Ram Cintaku Hanyut Di Lautan Sepi(CD, Album) Universal Music Malaysia 5701696 Malaysia 2016 Sell This Version
5760316 Ramlah Ram Duri Dalam Cinta(CD, Album, RE) Universal Music Malaysia 5760316 Malaysia 2017 Sell This Version
5756054 Ramlah Ram Kau Penawar Segala Duka Ku(CD, Album, RM) Universal Music Malaysia 5756054 Malaysia 2017 Sell This Version


74321 25888-2 Ramlah Ram The Best Of(CD, Comp) BMG 74321 25888-2 Malaysia 1995 Sell This Version
74321-70025 2 Ramlah Ram Koleksi Terbaik(CD, Comp) BMG 74321-70025 2 Malaysia 1999 Sell This Version
88697146542 Aishah, Ramlah Ram Aishah, Ramlah Ram - Koleksi Pop Klasik(CD, Comp) Sony BMG Music Entertainment 88697146542 Malaysia 2007 Sell This Version

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