Sator (6)

Sator (6)

Sator are a doom/sludge band from Genoa (Italy), formed in spring 2013 by Mauro (guitar) and Valerio (bass guitar and growls), joined almost immediately by Michelangelo (drums).

<< We all have previous experiences in other bands, in some cases we played a very different kind of music compared to doom. Mauro (Kafka, Downright, Stalker, Losers Parade) after the break-up of Stalker wanted to carry on with the same kind of project making it even more extreme. Valerio and Michelangelo come from hardcore/post-hc bands like Effetto Larsen and Majak (still active at the moment). Valerio has always been mad for doom, while Michelangelo, sceptical about the “sludgy slowness” of this kind of music at the beginning, was quickly seduced by its heavy sound.

We play a kind of doom/sludge influenced both by classic and modern bands: from Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Saint Vitus to Eyehategod and Neurosis, just to name a few. We are also very influenced by psychedelia and krautrock, and we let all these influences mix freely making up our sound. This is leading us not to fossilize on just one direction but to experiment: the result is that some tracks are more traditional, slow and pounding while others are dynamic and explosive. The point in common is an heavy, dirty, gloomy and obsessed sound (yes, we like big amps and tubes) accompanied by an obscure and deep voice that gives no hope.

Sator (sower, producer, father in Latin) creates the word Saturn, the divinity, whom was told that one of his children would have dethroned him one day. So he decided to devour all his progeny.
The process of making ancient gods (and all their very little divine flaws) human gave us the hint for the name of our band. We imagined it as a symbol of our society that devours itself for its personal interests.

We don't want to denounce anything through our lyrics, on the contrary we want to describe and express a sort of exorcism of the situation without the typical hope that belongs to human beings. In fact looking up in the dictionary the meaning of doom is “death or destruction, any terrible event that you cannot avoid”>>.


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