Dizzie Dee as reviewed by DOCTOR_DIATRIBE23

December 14, 2016
Is this the same Dizzie Dee who used to DJ on Starpoint FM (A small pirate radio station) back in 1989/90... ???


April 12, 2017
Like you said we can't be 100% certain but it's all good to go backkk wayyy into time to relive these moments again and again...
And yeah I used to check a few of the pirates you mentioned..
Plus dont want to sound like an old wrinkly raver bore butttttttt some of the legal internet stations today are pure 100% wack!
At least the pirates made a 1000% effort as there was so much at stake what with the effing DTI!!!
Anyway just as I think I should sell all the late 80s early 90s I start buying more of the amazing sounds as more and more is uncovered and brought to light via cogs..
This is about the only time I truly praise technology and the interweb!.. Hell I'm still using my Samsung £10 jobbie lol...
Cheers for the response mate...Peace!

Dizzie Dee 8892sales

April 12, 2017
I very much doubt it mate, although I can't be 100% certain. It'd be fascinating if that was the case.

Btw Dizzy (Dizzie?) Dee was on quite a few pirates back in the day, sometimes on more than one during the same period.

Besides Starpoint FM. I heard him on many pirate stations from the early days including SLR Radio, Laser, Chillin FM from its inception around Spring 1990 until 1992 - the original one not the latter crappy, cheesy, urban commercial, UKGarage / RNB one from the early 2000s :(. Sunrise FM, Friends FM, Dance FM, LWR, Pleasure FM during the early/mid 90s.. The guy was prolific to say the least. There's probably more that I can't remember.