Dutch punk outfit from Nijmegen and Utrecht.

Antillectual tickles your conscience while you’re unconsciously banging your head. Social urgency converted to melodic punk rock. How can you NOT be an engaged band as the world burns?!

MUSIC Antillectual grew up on ‘90’s skate punk, ‘00’s emo and ‘10’s orgcore. A philosophical, powerful and catchy vibe, with influences from beyond the punk rock realm like Crass’ DIY politics, Hüsker Dü’s authenticity and Van Halen’s guitar acrobatics.

BIO In 2005 Antillectual started releasing albums and touring. Ever since, the band has perfected the romantic idea of a touring band. They’ve played over a thousand spirited live shows worldwide, carrying the torch for European punk rock. Antillectual released albums from North to South America, from Europe via Turkey and Russia, to Asia.

TOGETHER For the first time in seven years Antillectual is releasing a full length album in 2023. Including brand new songs, previously released singles and a collaboration with The Punk Cellist. TOGETHER refers to both the state of the world, the music industry and Antillectual’s album approach. The full length release on May 2 will be preceded by a single on March 7.

Tours: North, Middle & South America, all of Europe, Turkey, Russia and Japan
Support: tours with Propagandhi, Boysetsfire, Ten Foot Pole, Satanic Surfers. Shows with
NOFX, Rise Against, Bad Religion, Pussy Riot
Festivals: The Fest Gainesville, PunkRockHoliday, Jera On Air, Brakrock,
Eurosonic/Noorderslag, Zwarte Cross
Cooperations: guest vocals by Chris Hannah (Propagandhi), Nathan Gray (BoySetsFire),
Thomas Barnett (Strike Anywhere), split 7” with Anti-Flag

2020 EP/7” Covers EP
2014 EP/7” 20 Years of Hell (w/Anti-Flag)
2013 CD/LP Perspectives & Objectives
2012 EP/7” Future History
2010 CD/LP Start From Scratch!
2009 EP/7” Pull The Plug
2008 CD/LP Testimony
2007 EP/7” Waves
2005 CD/LP Silencing Civilization

ANTILLECTUAL Willem: Vocals & Guitar / Riekus: Drums & Vocals / Ben: Bass & Vocals , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube , X , Bandcamp
Members:Bob (181), Riekus van Montfort, Tom Nieuwenhuis, Toon van Kouteren, Willem Heijmans, Yvo Kouwenhoven




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