Sick Balloons

Sick Balloons

Real Name:
s. barrett
what began as a modest lo-fi bedroom project, after almost a decade in, sick balloons blossomed into a full fledged affair, spearheaded by a rotating cast of musician friends, siphoning moments from their full time bands. members of Trouble in the Wind, Duchess and local stalwarts The Tractormen have all been folded into Scott's nostalgia funded indie meanderings.

after various shifts and turns, the band finally settled in with its current amalgamation, coinciding just slightly before the release of the band's fourth album, 'telescopes (on) parade,' the last to feature founding member Glynnis' contributions on bass.

pulling inspiration from indie cult rockers such as Pavement, Guided By Voices and Dinosaur Jr, these self proclaimed melodic fuzz freaks pocket punk-informed pop gems in under three minutes or less, with equal nods to british & american shoegaze rock.


Sick Balloons Discography


ih179 Sinking Swimmer Wapper Jaw Sinking Swimmer - Face First EP(Cass, EP, Ltd) I Had An Accident Records ih179 US 2015 Sell This Version