Franz Bielmeier

Real Name:Franz Heribert Bielmeier

Franz Heribert Bielmeier was born on 27th December 1960 in Munich, Germany.
He published the first German punk fanzine The Ostrich and was songwriter and guitarist of Charley's Girls (Pre-Fehlfarben) and Mittagspause, later active with Aqua Velva.

In September 1979 he founded the label Rondo which last until 1982. He started to do graphics and painting in the 80s as well as he was a protagonist of the book "Verschwende Deine Jugend" from Jürgen Teipel.

In 2002 he was showing erotic watercolors and "social sculptures" with Xao Seffcheque in the "Galerie Script", Cologne.

He is the owner of a blog which publishes unknown or missed recordings since 2007. , Wikipedia
Aliases:Monroe (4), Residenz
In Groups:Adolf & Eva, Aqua Velva, Charley's Girls, Europa (2), Mittagspause
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