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Manara / Pedro
Manara is the offspring of a very peculiar and prolific age of Rio’s fin de siècle nightlife, one harbored by legendary venue Dama de Ferro and helmed by some of the luminaries of our late 2000’s decade contemporary scene. A time-place in which forged tastes, skills, tools and inclinations that make much of what he is, as well as made himself an important player of that city’s musical renaissance.

His avant-gard and pluralistic approach to music is stylistic disregard for constraints of genre over the imaginary interstices that arbitrarily separate classic rubrics such as Techno, House, Ambient, Manara’s music is a singular take on all of these vicinities. And, somehow, this is what runs deep, as his filiation to one of our country's modernist exponents, Heitor Villa-Lobos.
Also, it appears on his multifarious role amongst his peers: be it as a well reputed mixing engineer; as a vivid animator of his hometown’s nightlife, resident at Subdivisions and 4 Finest Ears parties and as one of the brains behind the Domina label, two of the leading beacons of a new generation of restless likeminded artists of his own ilk.

A myriad of fronts of input that ran parallel to his musical output, where his 2014 album Ihnteractions is but a jewel in a crown that rests upon a phase of his career. What follows is somewhat that finds its alpha in the burgeoning Brasilian scenario and its omega somewhere right at the edge of the shape of things to come.

"Very few artistic names are precise and simple enough to truly encapsulate somewhat so ineffable as its owner’s creative power or identity. Manara is one of those amalgamating names. As powerful as it is personal, as mystic as it is material."
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MD001 SURMANN SURMANN - AN GRAN 1(12", EP) Meb-Distribution MD001 Brazil 2018 Sell This Version