Philharmonia Orchestra


London-based orchestra founded in 1945 by Walter Legge. Sir Thomas Beecham conducted the orchestra's opening concert on 27 October 1945. In March 1964, Legge announced the orchestra’s disbanding. The players rallied, took matters into their own hands, elected a governing body, added 'New' to the title (see New Philharmonia Orchestra) and carried on, first up with Otto Klemperer conducting Ludwig van Beethoven’s "Choral Symphony". The 'New' was dropped in 1977, the orchestra’s third era celebrated with a Beethoven concert under Riccardo Muti and pianist Sviatoslav Richter. Since 1995 it has been based in the Royal Festival Hall.
For chorus/choir credits use Philharmonia Chorus.
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For recordings between 1964-1977 please use New Philharmonia Orchestra if stated that way on the release.
For fictitious orchestras, conducted by Alfred Scholz (or one of his aliases), please check: Philharmonia Orchestra (2), Philharmonic Orchestra, or The Philharmonic Orchestra (2).
Not to be confused with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Aliases:New Philharmonia Orchestra, Philharmonia Promenade Orchestra, The Festival Orchestra
Members:Adam Wynter, Adrian Beers, Adrian Cruft, Adrián Varela, Alan Brind, Alan Civil, Alan J. Peters, Albert Cayzer, Alexander Kok, Alfred Cursue, Alfred Flaszynski, Aline Brewer, Alison Martin, Alison Procter, Alistair Mackie, Amanda Truelove, Ambrose Gauntlett, Amélie Theurillat, Amy Harman, Andrew Court




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