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Guilherme da Cruz Brigadeiro
Guilherme da Cruz Brigadeiro (born March 6, 1998), also know KHarlles, is a Brazilian-American singer, songwriter, writer, producer, businessman, model and web designer. He is also American, so he always news is titled as "American" or news biographies and vehicles. Son of Patricia Monteiro and Francisco Carlos, and eldest son, having one of the promising talent is music and her conceptual art of Pop. It is also known as Prince of Vocals.

One of the singers known to be one of the artists under 18 years of age to occupy the charts with their first album "Day of Christmas - Exclusive" in 2013. Being one of the promising artists with a new concept of Pop Vocal. In addition to its clear idea of the new digital era, becoming a big music star having as knowledge by the media, The Prince of Vocals. KHarlles, is one of the artists under 18 years more had albums released during 2013 until 2015 and still for being what else produces the album themselves with all copyright.

Born in Brazil on March 6, 1998, KHarlles began performing in the music business for 14 years working on an EP never officially released, but took the name of "R.T.M", got 5 tracks. At that time, he took the stage name of Finn Swift, but moved to KHarlles. In 2013, after working in the EP "R.T.M" never released, he began working on the EP "Day of Christmas - Exclusive", signed with the distributor Distrokid. The album was charged by the hits "Day of Christmas" and "Big Finnies", highlighting currently up, both singles were featured on charts as NumberOneMusic, remaining March 2013 until September 2015, on the Hot 100 and still going.

The album was released on March 24, 2014, it was officially launched on December 25, 2013, but was scheduled for the following year. This is the album more positive criticism on the Pop singer's work. The album "Day of Christmas - Exclusive" the KHarlles positively is the best debut album for a boy of 14 years, notable being his constructive and positive criticism on her voice and the whole production, the album took to experience your voice with a demo version without any modifications, thus, earning a notorious respect for the public. Possessing the single flagship "Day of Christmas", and the single that took more charts and stayed for time being overthrown only by the album's second single "Big Finnies". Bringing the production of all material only by KHarlles. After releasing the album in the same year 2014, KHarlles launched "The Bitch Monster" on November 27, 2014, accompanied by 19 songs and an additional bonus track. And do not stop there, the album had collaborations with Aline Francelino and Thayna Santos, receiving four additional versions in the same release date. The album was followed by singles "1998", "Scream", "Aphrodite", "New Love", "Bitch B", and the single "Scream" as featured on the album.

After releasing an EP and an album like its old name Finn Swift, in June 2015, KHarlles changed its brand and logo after the move, he worked in a digital biography being released on May 5, 2015 by Amazon. After that, unannounced, he released the album "KHarlles" EP version and the full album "KHarlles - Exclusive", showing its back to the music world with new brand. On 7 July 2015, he released a titled of "1998" collection, with reference to their date of birth, accompanied by bands of their first 2014 album "Day of Christmas - Exclusive" until his last album "KHarlles" with inclusion of three new tracks "Fucking", "I Am Illuminati Prince" and "The Prince of Pop".

After this collection, he took a few months off and has already started working on the album "Moonlit", its largest project since the beginning of his career. The album "Moonlit" was released on 11 October 2015, signed to the label Eagle Owl Records, accompanied by seven versions and a digital book exclusively from Amazon, the project includes a total of 42 tracks and 8 singles, "Guvan", "Jealous", "Feminist", "Goodbye!", "Jewelry", "Lies", "Bourgeios" and "Moonlight", all singles released on 04 October 2015, a week before the album, the project was set to "Experiential Album". It is a success in the first week of sales. In addition to its production Aline Francelino, Érica Waalles, Isa Chaves, MiiHanashi, Bella Delari, Le$$ioN.

On November 27, 2015, KHarlles released the first single "Dying in the Dark" from their upcoming album "SOME", the single is a song that had more reproductions in a few days and more popularity in the streaming services their pages. The Single was sent to the "GRAMMY Amplifier" at The GRAMMY and in turn the music was passed, being the first Brazilian to have your music on GRAMMY Amplifier approved.

1 April 2016, was released the second single "Dream Fantasy album 'SOME'. And consequently released on VEVO only in audio format and in all digital stores.



KHarlles - The Bitch Monster album art KHarlles The Bitch Monster (Album, MiniAlbum) Distrokid US 2014
872133928465 KHarlles - Aphrodite album art KHarlles Aphrodite(File, MP3, MiniAlbum) Distrokid 872133928465 US 2014
KHarlles - KHarlles (Exclusive) album art KHarlles KHarlles (Exclusive) (Album, EP) KHL Entertaiment UK & US 2015
KHarlles - Moonlit album art KHarlles Moonlit (Album, EP) Eagle Owl Records US 2015
KHarlles - 1998 album art KHarlles 1998 (Album, EP) KHL Entertainment USA, Canada & UK 2015
7899989903869 KHarlles - Some album art KHarlles Some(File, MP3, WAV, 3,5", Album) Tratore, The Orchard 7899989903869 US 2016
7899989936935 KHarlles - This Is Not Family album art KHarlles This Is Not Family(File, AAC, FLAC, MP3, WMA, Album) Sony Music, The Orchard 7899989936935 US 2018

Singles & EPs

632103064322 KHarlles - R.T.M album art KHarlles R.T.M(File, MP3, EP) Distrokid 632103064322 US 2012
632103058550 KHarlles - Dying in the Dark album art KHarlles Dying in the Dark(File, MP3, WAV, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103058550 US 2015
632103034271 KHarlles - Guvan album art KHarlles Guvan(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103034271 US 2015
646809736230 KHarlles - For Bitches album art KHarlles For Bitches(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 646809736230 USA, Canada & UK 2015
632103036190 KHarlles - Moonlight album art KHarlles Moonlight(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103036190 US 2015
632103039269 KHarlles - Scream album art KHarlles Scream(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103039269 US 2015
632103035285 KHarlles - Jewelry album art KHarlles Jewelry(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103035285 US 2015
646809717338 KHarlles - Brazil & American album art KHarlles Brazil & American(File, MP3, Single) KHL Entertaiment 646809717338 USA, Canada & UK 2015
646809732584 KHarlles - Fuck Your Boyfriend album art KHarlles Fuck Your Boyfriend(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 646809732584 USA, Canada & UK 2015
632103035278 KHarlles - Goodbye! album art KHarlles Goodbye!(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103035278 US 2015
632103035988 KHarlles - Lies album art KHarlles Lies(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103035988 US 2015
632103033052 KHarlles - Jealous album art KHarlles Jealous(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103033052 US 2015
646809700156 KHarlles - My Death album art KHarlles My Death(File, MP3, Single) KHL Entertaiment 646809700156 US 2015
632103039252 KHarlles - Day of Christmas album art KHarlles Day of Christmas(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103039252 US 2015
632103036633 KHarlles - Bourgeios album art KHarlles Bourgeios(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103036633 US 2015
646809716799 KHarlles - Fucking! album art KHarlles Fucking!(File, MP3, Single) KHL Entertaiment 646809716799 USA, Canada & UK 2015
646809717888 KHarlles - I Am Prince Illuminati (Remix) album art KHarlles I Am Prince Illuminati (Remix)(File, MP3, Single) KHL Entertaiment 646809717888 UK & US 2015
632103034691 KHarlles - Feminist album art KHarlles Feminist(File, MP3, Single) Eagle Owl Records 632103034691 US 2015


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August 27, 2018
you can call yourself "singer, songwriter, writer, producer", but this is wishful thinking, this is nothing more than some amateur attempt at trying to sing, no production value, just terrible amateur music by some bored teenager messing about.

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