Dark City SistersCompositions & Recordings

Real Name:
The Dark City Sisters
The Dark City Sisters were formed in 1959, when they comprised of four girls namely:
Joyce Mogatusi
Francisca Mgomezulu
Hilda Mogapi
Esther Khoza

During the course of years, the group had several changes, old faces making way for newer ones. Susan Gabashane, Dorothy Sosibo and Bessie Tshabalala came and left during the course of the groups' succesful career.
Emma Sineka was also a member of the group at one stage, but death deprived her of a long career.
Francisca Mgomezulu and Hilda Mogapi are two succesful solo Sisters.
In spite of the changing faces Joyce Mogatusi and Esther Khoza stayed on prominently.
In the mid 60's the Group was joined by Grace Msika and Audrey Zwane who carried on until 1971 when the group broke up.