Róisín Murphy as reviewed by Crijevo

March 30, 2018
We happen to say quite often "there are very few artists that...". With Roisin Murphy, whatever happens after the ellipsis, she's always spot on in her part-sensual, part-erotic, part-provocative and constantly daring without being bombast or by any means compromising any aspect of the work, remaining accessible and ear-friendly yet weird in not revealing too much, always finding a direction in which to tease and pleasantly confuse. After a stunning decade spent with Moloko, and now with four albums under her own wing, Roising doesn't stop to fascinate.

A woman of substance, charm and charisma to live for.

Róisín Murphy as reviewed by jimthing

October 6, 2007
Don't know if anyone has ever noticed this, but Róisín Murphy has recently during September/October 2007 covered --or perhaps that should be re-used-- a most excellent Tracy Weber track called "Sure Shot" from 1981, under Róisín's track titled "Let Me Know".

Same groove, just re-instrumentalised and re-vocaled by Róisín Murphy. Just type "Roisin Murphy Steals" into YouTube for an example.

Sounds good in both versions in my opinion, so you can't loose either way.

Róisín Murphy avalon67

November 9, 2016
Sheer plagiarism, no originality. Waste of space really, eh Jim?

Róisín Murphy tikab

July 6, 2016
you are so correct! i love roisin, but it's kinda shitty that she doesn't give any credit or mention of "borrowing" so much from these two songs.

Róisín Murphy ccj

June 6, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
"Good artists copy, great artists steal." - Pablo Picasso.

BTW, it also features the classic track D-Train "Keep On", from the same period.

For anyone interested, here's links to all three tracks, to check out the videos for contrast/comparison:
- Tracy Weber "Sure Shot" (1981) – Larry Levan mixed.
- D-Train "Keep On" (1982) – François Kevorkian mixed.
- Róisín Murphy "Let Me Know" (2007).

Personally I like both the original tracks and the newer Róisín one, and think perhaps most people would.

Róisín Murphy meduzza

May 17, 2013
She's not a thief!!!